Metal CA/CSA-Rings

Axial C Rings and spring energized axial C-Rings are metal C-rings being stretched on the ID and being compressed on the OD, thereby creating a certain seating stress.

The elastic recovery is therefore limited.

They do not feature relatively high elasticity as the c rings and spring energized c rings used between two parallel planes.

It is recommended to assure a best of class surface finish on both the ID as well as the OD mating surfaces. For assembly reasons, an entry slope on ID and OD is highly recommended. Typical entry angles are around 5° and sufficiently long. Except for an excellent surface finish it is also important that the mating surface has a sufficient hardness. For high abrasive dynamic applications a hardness higher than 60 HRC is recommended.

Silver plating enhances tightness performance and it lowers friction during assembly and operation.

  • Typical applications

    • Piston seal
    • Rod seal
    • Semi-dynamic application, rotational and reciprocating

    Sizes up to 1500 mm.

  • Features / requirements

  • Benefits

  • Radial alignment of sealing position

    Allows to be used between two circular bodies

  • Optionally with spring

    The spring stabilizes the design and prevents unwanted deformation of the seal, during assembly and operation.