Metal COI/COR-Rings – Commaseal

Comma seals for shaft sealing (COI) and Bore sealing (COE) are a further development of the axial c ring.

The elastic recovery in radial direction is still limited, yet the leakage over the outer diameter in case of a COI is well controlled by the seating load generated by the compression of the C Ring part of the design.

Compression of the seal shall only be done with the shaft in position. Concentric assembly of seal ID and shaft diameter are extremely important. In case a COE is used, the bore diameter and seal OD must be concentric prior to compression of the commaseal.

Except for an excellent surface finish it is also important that the mating surface has a sufficient hardness. For high abrasive dynamic applications a hardness higher than 60 HRC is recommended.

Silver plating enhances tightness performance and it lowers friction during assembly and operation.

  • Typical applications

    • Piston seal
    • Rod seal
    • Semi-dynamic application, rotational and reciprocating

    Sizes up to 200 mm.

  • Features / requirements

  • Benefits

  • Axial sealing

    Better sealing towards housing compared to CA/CSA

  • Better controlled seal lip interference

    Better control of the seating load, hence better seal performance