Metal CS-Rings

CS-rings are high load seals for axial compression with a medium spring back.

In case a high leak tightness as well as flexibility of the seal are required, CS-rings can be used.

C-rings are available for internal and external pressure and are also available as shaped seals.

  • Typical applications

    • Aerospace (fuel systems, hydraulic, satellite, propulsions)
    • Oil and gas & power generation
      • GT, ST-casing
      • Injections systems
      • Heat exchangers
      • Valves
    • Nuclear
      • Reactor vessel and connections seals
      • Nuclear waste (cask seals)
    • High end industrial applications
      • Valves
      • Turbo chargers
      • Exhaust
    • Vacuum application
      • Double sealing solutions
      • Remote handling
    • Window seals
  • Performance indicator

    • Unplated E-2 to E-5 mbar*l/s
    • Plated E-2 to E-10 mbar*l/s
    • Plated + spin polished E-5 to E-12 mbar*l/s
  • Features / requirements

  • Benefits

  • Medium to High load seal design

  • Increased spring back

    Allows flange lift off

  • Wider sealing surface

    Can be used with rougher surface finish

  • Higher seating stress

  • Pressure activated

  • Adaptable seal characteristics

    Adaptable sealing performance (load, springback, leak rate,…)

  • Specific circular surface finish required

  • Increased capability’s to withstand back pressure