Metal O-Rings

O-rings are medium to high load seals for axial compression with a low spring back.

These can be used when a medium to high leak tightness is required but almost no flexibility is needed.

O-rings are available for internal and external pressure and are also available as shaped seals.

  • Typical applications

    • Hot mold equipment
    • Nuclear (Reactor vessel and connections seals)
    • Gas turbines
      • Fuel systems
      • Exhaust connectors
      • Heat exchangers
  • Performance indicator

    • Unplated E-2 to E-3 mbar*l/s
    • Plated E-3 to E-7 mbar*l/s
    • Plated + spin polished E-5 to E-10 mbar*l/s
  • Features / requirements

  • Benefits

  • Easy & approved design

    Feasibility of complex shapes

  • No cavity

    Functionality not influenced by the
    medium (plastic, abrasives, pollution,… )

  • Lower spring back

  • Medium to high load

  • Adaptable to specific application demands
    – Vented
    – Gas flied
    – Spring energized

    – Higher pressure
    – High temperature (+600°C)
    – Extremely high pressure

  • Wide sealing surface, low seating stress

  • Chamfer joints (three point sealing)

  • Very high temperature resistant (gas filled)

  • Unlimited shelf life

OG- & OS-seals

Some O-rings can be gas filled or used in combination with a spring for very rare applications, please contact HTMS for the feasibility if you consider one of these specific O-rings.