Seal Type Selection Wheels

The wheels below are a tool to indicate the right seal type for the application.

First the correct wheel has to be picked according to whether the seal has to work in a gaseous or a liquid medium. The medium information is indicated next to the wheels. From the outside work your way in by first picking the right pressure condition, then the required leak rate and finish with picking the needed flexibility of your seal.

Very rigid systems with barely any flange movement or vibrations can use low flex seals.

The seal types connected to the last choice are those that are the sealing possibilities in your system.

  • Low pressure: 0 – 200bar
  • High pressure: 50 – 2000bar
  • Low leak tightness: 1.0 – 1E-7mbar*l/s
  • High leak tightness: 1E-5 – 1E-12mbar*l/s


HTMS - High Tech Metal Seals


HTMS - High Tech Metal Seals

Parameters and Questions to Consider

The table below shows per subject a couple of parameters and questions to consider before choosing a sealing solution.

Note that these are not all possible parameters or questions but a selection of the most common and important parameters and questions.